MMM participants strive for honesty, justice and good acts. Joining the Community people are changing noticeably — they become more confident and happier, they help other people with pleasure. In order to encourage you for the Community development we have launched MMM “EXTRA”.

Get up to 100% per month in MMM “EXTRA”

Taking part in the program, your MAVRO growth makes up 20-100 % per month.  Not any bank or any financial project in the world t suggests such percentage.  After launching MMM “EXTRA” these figures became real for everyone.

To make your MAVRO grow by 100% per month accomplish 1 simple task every day, spending 5-15 minutes a day. These tasks develop the Community — the offer is advantageous both for the participants and the Community.

How it works:

  • For each accomplished task you get 2,66% to you MAVRO growth. You can take only 1 task per day.
  • If you accomplish tasks everyday during the month, the total MAVRO growth will make up 100%. You will double your money.
  • If you do not accomplish any task during the month, the total MAVRO growth will make up 20%.

You have 2 options in MMM EXTRA everyday:

  1. To accomplish a task and get additional 2,66% to MAVRO growth.
  2. To have a rest without accomplishing any tasks and not get an additional %.

You choose how to settle your schedule for tasks. For instance, if you accomplish 15 tasks per month, MAVRO grows by 60% (standard 20% + 40% additional).

What kinds of tasks are there in MMM “EXTRA”?

MMM EXTRA has a huge base of tasks. They are accomplished online, thus you don’t even have to go out. You can choose any task you like. Each task has a detailed instruction for a beginner PC user. The tasks are easy to deal with even for a student or a pensioner. It will take you no more than 5-15 minutes to accomplish the tasks.

Examples of tasks:

  • Like a YouTube video
  • Join a Facebook group
  • Share the news in Google Plus
  • Create a Pinterest group etc.

After you accomplish the task, there should be a corresponding link attached, screenshot and image as a confirmation proof. It will be sent for approval to a moderator. On the next day you can start  a new task without waiting for the previous ones being approved.

Time for approval of tasks depends on the overall queue waiting time for moderation.

There can be up to 30 of your tasks on moderation at the same time, but usually there are no more than 5. The percentage for the accomplished tasks will be added within 24 hours after they have been approved by the moderator.

With MMM “EXTRA” you will build a powerful referral structure.

It is much easier to create the world without social inequality with the help of MMM “EXTRA”.  Besides getting additional extra Mavro, you get a chance to attract a lot of referrals and build your own powerful structure. During the tasks,  you place a referral link on websites, groups in social networks, comments under the video and so on. Newcomers that follow this link and register, automatically become your referrals and you get 10% from each sum they donated.

You receive a great income, even if they do not provide assistance with large sums. Inviting 100 newcomers with an average help of 1 000¥ to the Community, you receive 100¥ from the each newcomer. In total it is 10 000¥. You do not render any assistance personally. Developing the  Community in MMM "EXTRA" and thereby inviting newcomers, you become provided financially and give a chance to other people to establish their life!

MMM "EXTRA" accelerates the Community development. There are 3 reasons why:

  1. Participants receive a higher percentage from the donated sum. They tell their friends and acquaintances about personal achievements, and those are gratified by their successes and also join MMM.
  2. For additional reward participants accomplish tasks that are focused on the MMM development on the Internet. The point of these tasks is to attract newcomers.
  3. An increased participants’ activity creates an excitement around the Community. They speak about MMM, our reputation grows. People understand that only with the help of the Community they will live happily.

The program greatly increases the Community stability

With MMM "EXTRA" the Community is developed not only by guiders, but also by all  participants. The program unites all countries. If there are MMM difficulties in some state, the participants from other places of the world  help this problematic  region. This supports the Community stability in all countries.

MMM "EXTRA" is the right step towards changing the world!

Doing the tasks, you are contributing to the development of the Community. With the introduction of MMM "EXTRA" the popularity of MMM increases on social networks and forums, the official website visits and number of registrations also increase. The Community work becomes more stable.

The program opens new horizons for newcomers. Accomplishing the tasks, they become more active. When newcomers are imbued with the spirit of the Community in MMM "EXTRA", they want to enter the Guider’s School s, to become online consultants, to organize offline MMM activities. This accelerates  the Community’s development.

Remember that the main goal of the program and participants’ activity is to help other people. Help ordinary citizens that expend energy at work and earn a penny to change their life. Invite all people to MMM because now a 100% growth of money  is available for everyone! Live happily and give a chance to change their life to other people!