Introduction of Mavro 10% with an immediate confirmation


Dear participants,

We are receiving a great number of complaints concerning the long-lasting Mavro confirmations. We have repeatedly explained that this is due to our care for the System stability, but it doesn't change the fact. Requests are, indeed, being confirmed quite long.

To solve the problem, we decided to try introducing Mavro 10% (with 10% growth rate per month). Ok, it is a relatively small growth rate (as low as 10% per month! :-)), though the confirmation is immediate and there is no freezing.

So, from the moment of this announcement, Mavro 10% will be introduced. (In addition to standard Mavro 30% and other contributions.) Let's see how that will go. :-))

Why does it happen? Why people believe us but not others? Because everyone has finally understood that we are the only who play fair. (And we know how to play, which is important too! :-)) And the rest projects are typical cheats. (Or  third-raters, at best.)

In fact, we also can make mistakes and things not always work out well; but these mistakes are well-meaning. They aren't ill-intentioned. No one is immune to them. But we, at least, play, let me repeat, fairly. We don't steal or hide anything as well as don't accumulate profits. Indeed, we are consistently and steadily moving to a goal declared by us: we want to change the world. This is it. And we will do that. Together with you. We Change the World!  :-)